Beaded Stitch Markers

close-up photo
of stitch markers

Here's how I make beaded stitch markers. I'm no expert at this, but I managed to make some markers that are pretty and have no sharp ends to catch yarn. There are two tricks that make these stitch markers so smooth: first, both ends are hidden deep inside the beads, so they are nowhere near your yarn; and if you can find some brass rings with no gaps in them - I found some in my local JoAnn's near the curtains - there will be no danger of anything catching on your yarn. If you can't find seamless brass rings, ordinary jump rings are almost as good. This guy used toggle clasps, with a slightly different technique.

You'll need:

And here's what to do:

  1. Cut a piece of wire 3" long or so.
  2. Fold the last 1/4" of the wire so it's parallel to the rest of the wire. Slip a seed beed (or two) onto the bend in the wire.
  3. Twist the wires so the seed bead stays on. This is to make a stopper for the bigger bead, so it doesn't slip off the bottom.
  4. Slip the big bead on, and make sure the little bead stops it securely. The big bead should cover over the short end of the wire.
  5. You now have a long piece of wire sticking up from your big bead. Fold this in half, hiding its end inside the big bead.
  6. You now have a folded piece of wire sticking up from your big bead. Fold this in half, too, but fold it around the jump ring. If you hold the jump ring up, the stitch marker should dangle from it.
  7. Secure the stitch marker by holding the folded wire (with your pliers, as close to the big bead as possible) and twisting the jump ring.
  8. Now, all your parts should be securely joined together, both sharp ends of the wire should be hidden inside your big bead, and you're ready to knit!
stitch markers in use
many stitch markers