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As I mentioned earlier today, the government has set up another stupid website, with (among other things) illustrated guides telling you what to do in the event of biological, chemical, nuclear, and various other types of attacks. Let's critique a little information design, shall we? (captions removed to increase humor value):

The correct approach to biological weapons: ponder them thoughtfully, then leave them alone.

The correct approach to smelly dead fish is similar, but remember to retreat to the basement.


The first step in building a dirty bomb is to gather your materials.

When your dirty bomb is complete, detonate it in Austin, TX.

(Go ahead, try to guess this one. Just try.) [UPDATE: see comments for suggested captions]

In addition to storing food, water, medical supplies, and duct tape, also make sure to accumulate electronics and a supply of clocks in multiple time zones.

While you're hiding in the basement with the kids, remove the numbers from your phone and teach the children about addition.

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